BBHPhoto Galileo Museums Honor Galileo Benedict and Hawking

Pope Benedict XVI greets British physicist Stephen Hawking at a 2008 gathering of scientists organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. The theme was "Scientific Insights into the Evolution of the Universe and of Life,"

This wiki is a place to gather and organize information about the relationship between scientific studies of human nature and Catholic doctrine. It is intended as a resource for both Catholics seeking to integrate their faith with their understanding of science and others interested in the relationship between Christianity and the social and life sciences.

Scientific research and Catholic doctrine each have something valuable to offer the other. Theology should be informed by the disciplined study of humanity from the various scientific disciplines. Science can benefit from a careful scrutiny of its ethical content and potential blind spots from the perspective of Catholic doctrine, the result of thousands of years of human experience and reflection and, for Catholics, the repository of God's revelation.

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